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Massage Courses in Singapore


Massage Courses in Singapore Massage schools in Singapore are offering massage training in various bodywork modalities from Swedish Massage to Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage. *The government also provides subsidies for trainees who qualify.

Massages at Workplace Increases Employee Health & Productivity


More Companies are setting up wellness spa rooms to offer Body & Foot Massages at workplace to Employees. Shoulder/Neck Massage and Foot Massage are some of the most popular Corporate Wellness Programme services offered as a regular staff benefit in the workplace. These refreshing 15-20 min massages can be enjoyed by all staff and the […]

Massage Bed for Singapore Condominiums


Massage Bed for Singapore Condominiums – All Weather Outdoor & Indoor Condominium developers in Singapore have incorporated the Spa Lifestyle into their projects, in an effort to offer better amenities for residents. The Massage Bed for Singapore Condominiums must be suitable in both outdoor and indoor environments, and for providing wet and dry massages. The […]