Massage Courses in Singapore


Massage Courses in Singapore

Massage schools in Singapore are offering massage training in various bodywork modalities from Swedish Massage to Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage. *The government also provides subsidies for trainees who qualify.

Massage courses that lead to an industry certification include the below. If you prefer shorter introductory courses, please inquire with each school for more information.

We have the right massage bed and equipment package tailored for massage students. Gather 5 or more students and purchase as a group to save even more!


The Spirit Portable Massage Table represents Earthlite’s top of the line portable massage table. Precision crafted using Earthlite’s proprietary Jointless™ formed beam technology and the finest, eco-friendly materials available. Clients will love the luxurious Pro-Plush™ Deluxe cushioning system and buttery Natursoft™ upholstery. Designed by the world’s leading massage table manufacturer to last a lifetime of professional use.


The Equinox Portable Massage Table from Oakworks is a beautifully-crafted table that allows the staff to receive back, leg, and foot massage. The width of 30 inches is wide enough for most employees, and Shiatsu Cables allow the table to be laid flat on the floor for Shiatsu/Thai massage.

Contact our wellness consultants for other student packages.

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