Massages at Workplace Increases Employee Health & Productivity


More Companies are setting up wellness spa rooms to offer Body & Foot Massages at workplace to Employees.

Shoulder/Neck Massage and Foot Massage are some of the most popular Corporate Wellness Programme services offered as a regular staff benefit in the workplace.

These refreshing 15-20 min massages can be enjoyed by all staff and the health effects are instantaneous. Our wellness consultants have helped many companies to setup their wellness rooms with specially selected foldable massage tables and chairs. You can easily convert a meeting room into a spa within minutes! We recommend the following equipment for their sturdiness, ease of setup, and low maintenance.

The Portal Pro Massage Chair from Oakworks is the best equipment for upper body neck and shoulder massage. Accommodates petite ladies to large-size persons. Setup is fast and easy. Can be folded up and kept in a bag when not in use, saving office space.


The Equinox Portable Massage Table from Oakworks is a beautifully-crafted table that allows the staff to receive back, leg, and foot massage. The width of 30 inches is wide enough for most employees, and Shiatsu Cables allow the table to be laid flat on the floor for Shiatsu/Thai massage. Can be folded up and kept in a bag when not in use, saving office space.

Contact our wellness consultants to customize a wellness room for your workplace health promotion programme!

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