Massage Chair or Human Touch? Who provides a better massage?


Who provides a better massage? Massage Chairs or Human Massage?

How does an experienced human massage therapist compare to the latest feature-packed electric massage chair?

Lets find out!




Full body massage on front and back of body, from head to toe
Focus primarily on back of body and some areas on the sides

Various modalities from deep Myofascial to light Lymphatic Drainage. An experienced human therapist can identify where the real problem area is on the body.

Many programmes to choose from, but can only work on the areas that have been selected.


Yes, customization is based on careful assessment of each individual client’s condition and treatment goals.

No individualized assessment, Limited customization to available programmes and built-in intensity.


Can be more expensive in the long run, especially after factoring in transportation costs.

Cheaper in the long run and can use whenever required. However, maintenance issues after warranty expiration may increase operating cost.


Need to schedule booking prior to massage, require transportation to spa.

Just get onto the chair and receive the massage anytime one feel like it.


Physical touch of a human hand stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems to ease tension and produce stress-reducing hormones. Human therapists can also work on the psychological aspects, fostering healing on an emotional level.
Lack of human touch and inability to work on emotional level. Mechanical massage heads do not have feelings, and are still a far cry from the skilled and nimble hands of a seasoned therapist.


Heat to the body can be applied via a treatment accessory such as hot stone. However, this requires additional equipment and may increase cost.

Heating feature on the massage rollers can be turned on whenever required to provide heated massage.


Pressure can be adjusted to the exact level required to treat the area, or preferred by client.

Fixed intensity levels and general design of the massage head make it challenging to achieve the correct pressure for each individual client.


As much as the hardware and software of massage chairs have improved over the years, the current technology is still unable to mimic the touch of a human hand and caring nature of the human therapist. In our humble opinion, the human therapist wins hands down in providing an effective massage, especially in the area of emotional healing and individualized treatment.

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