Portable Massage Table – Buying Guide (Part 1)

Massage Table Buying Guide Part1


This guide reviews the technical specifications and options of portable massage tables. We hope it can help you choose the right portable massage table for your massage practice.


  • The width of a portable massage table is the distance across the table between the two furthest points. Widths typically varying from 27” to 32” inches.
  • Choose a massage table that allows you to reach across the table without over straining. However, it must be wide enough for your clients to lie comfortably and not in danger of falling off.
  • Generally, shorter therapists are more comfortable with a narrower table. Taller therapists can work on any size table provided it is adjusted to the correct height. At maximum height, please check stability of the massage table legs.
  • If you have a shorter reach, choose 27” – 29” width massage tables. Those with longer reach can choose 30” – 32” width tables.
  • If your table is too narrow for larger clients, get side arm extenders to increase the width and make larger clients feel more secure on the table.

Contoured tables such as the Advanta from Oakworks and Infinity from Earthlite are wider at the shoulders and feet and narrower at the centre. They allow better access to the hips and lower back, yet provide adequate support at the shoulders and arms.


The Wellspring from Oakworks can be manufactured in 27” width (call to order), while the Spirit from Earthlite can be customised upto 35” width (call to order)





  • A face hole or breathe hole is a hole cut into the top of one half of a massage table. This traditional method of construction can be quite uncomfortable, and many clients find them claustrophobic. Sheets need to be customized to accommodate the face hole, resulting in extra costs. Only available as an option on selected models.
  • A face cradle is a horseshoe-shaped cushion with accompanying platform that inserts into one or either end of the massage table. The upward/downward and angle adjustability ensures it fits the face shape of your clients. Face cradles extend the length of the table by 12 inches, so taller clients need not extend their feet over the end of the table.
  • When used together with an armrest/sling/hammock, the shoulder muscles can be positioned at the end of the table, and the rotary cuff muscles and scapula presented in the optimum position for massage treatment.
  • Almost all of the portable massage tables we carry come with face cradle. The Spirit from Earthlite can still be customized with the face hole option if you require (call to order).



In the next blog, we will review the working weight/static and foam/padding of the massage tables.

If you need any assistance, give us a call at (65) 63151654, or email us at [email protected]. We are happy to assist you in selecting the perfect massage table for your practice.


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