Oakworks Summer Promotion!!

Outdoor Spa Treatments

Oakworks Summer Promotion!!

Summer is coming and the demand for pool side/garden solutions will increase.Oakworks has thought of two solutions that will help your customers with those demands:

Free Portal Pro (US$485 value) with any Celesta or Clodagh table purchase*

Offer free 10 minute treatments while waiting to check-in to promote treatments at the Spa at your location.Or offer 20 minute treatments next to the pool while family and friends enjoy other activities!

Portal Pro Massage Therapy Chair
Portal Pro Massage Therapy Chair – A US$485 value


Free Table Cover AND 3-piece bolster set (- $174 Value!) with purchase of Seychelle or Manual/Hydraulic Clinician Table*

The Seychelle is a great choice for outdoor areas that are protected from the elements. Its light weight makes it easy to transport seasonally. Use your free table cover to offer treatments by the pool side.

Oakworks Bolster Set
Set of 6″ half-round, 6″ semi-round, 6″ round. Fabric color will match your table

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