Manually-Powered Massage Tables!


Manually-Powered Massage Tables are a friend in need for resorts and spas with rooms where power supply is not practical.

Massage Table manufacturers have engineered their manually-powered massage tables so that all adjustments can be achieved with minimal effort by any size therapists. There are 2 types of manually-powered massage tables. Depending on the brand/model, the table tops (Flat, Tilt, or Salon) and base (trestle, shelf, or cabinet) can be customized according to your needs.

TYPE 1 (Manual)

Table height is adjusted by changing the height of the table legs that are secured by knobs. Table top is adjusted usually by a pneumatic lever.

TYPE 2 (Manual-Hydraulic)

Table height is adjusted by turning a hand-crank clockwise/anti-clockwise, usually located at the foot end of the massage table. a The table top is still manually adjusted by using a pneumatic lever.


Oakworks Hydraulic Hand Crank


Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Lift-assist Salon Top

Clinician Adjustable Salon Top (Type 1)

The Salon top is exactly similar to the full electric tables. You can also add a cabinet so the outward appearance looks the same as the luxurious full electric spa tables. You can see the black adjustment lever at the side of the table for table top adjustment.

Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Salon Top (Type 2)

The hand-crank can be hidden underneath the foot end of the table-top when adjustment has been done.



Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Lift-assist Backrest Top


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