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Single wash unit
Galvanised black steel and polyurethane frame.
Transparent polycarbonate hood suitable for high temperatures with operator access openings.
Built-in steam dispensing system with on/off touch button with water level indicator. Steam production trolley included with regulation of the quantity of steam produced and predisposition for aromatherapy.
Built-in colour therapy in the basin.
Extra-comfort neck rest with soft double sphere in the nape area.
White extra-large tilting basin with offset drain and drip-proof mixer tap/ on request black basin available.
Rear panel in black embossed ABS. Eco-leather cover.
Electric leg lift, integrated air-massage in the seat and backrest, total seat elevation in the “shiatsu” position controlled from a push-button panel.


Visiting the hairdresser means dedicating a couple of hours to yourself, taking a break in order to make yourself more beautiful. But that is not all it is. For several years now, the hair salon can also be considered a real wellness centre in which to relax and treat your hair and scalp to speci c treatments that improve their health, and as a result, their beauty.
This concept of associating cosmetic treatments with others that are good for you has given rise to the Eden Plus System, an authentic spa for hair and scalp.
The wash basin with Eden Plus steam treatment offers the head a hot steam sauna, with the hair and scalp enjoying all the bene ts of the hot steam while the customer enjoys a relaxing experience, thanks to the reclining massage chair and RGB LED lights with their yellow, orange, red, purple, green and blue colours.
It is also possible to expose the hair to atomised cold water, the micro-particles of which penetrate deep into the hair shaft, hydrating it and encouraging a style to hold.
The hot steam treatment can be carried out with or without the addition of speci c cosmetic products, selected depending on a customer’s needs. The effect of the various active ingredients and their penetration into the hair and scalp is encouraged and boosted thanks to both the massage and the hot steam.


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