Wave Lounger™ Salt Room Edition | Living Earth Crafts

Zero Gravity Comfort The sleek curved design of the wave lounger immediately puts your guests in an ultra-relaxing feet up position.

Built to Order

Customization Choose from a selection of corrosion resistant finishes to perfectly match your décor.

Corrosion Resistant  Designed for use in Salt Rooms and Seaside locations. The lounger is hand crafted with marine grade upholstery, corrosion resistant finishes, and stainless hardware to last for years of use in the harsh salt environment.

Features: • Handcrafted hardwood base • Ergonomic and stylish zero gravity design • Marine-grade Aqua™ upholstery in 3 colors (Soft White, Stardust, Graphite) • Corrosion-resistant base finishes • CE mark

Options: • Neck Roll

Specifications: • Width: 31″ (79 cm) • Length: 73″ (185 cm) • Seat Height: 16.5” (42 cm)


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